What is Mimos

The Mimos Pillow is a medical device specifically designed for the prevention and correction of positional cranial deformities, such as plagiocephaly.

It is made of a three-dimensional polyester material, flexible and soft to the touch. This special material offers qualities such as pressure reduction, temperature and humidity regulation, as well as high breathability.

Size guide


Mimos Pillow
For premature infants. Head circumference <37cm.


Mimos Pillow
From birth to 8-10 months. Cranial perimeter between 36 and 46 cm.


Mimos Pillow
From 4 months of age. Head circumference between 42 and 49 cm.


Mimos Pillow
From 18 months/adults. Head circumference > 49 cm.

What is the Mimos Pillow and how does it work?


  • More than 51% of customers see effects before two months of use.
  • 32% of the customers observe the effects after two months of use.
  • More than 90% of customers would recommend the Mimos Pillow.

The degree of effectiveness of the Mimos Cushion is subject to different factors (genetic factors, the age of the baby, severity of the ailment, cranial morphology or time and form of use) and in some cases may require complementary and/or alternative measures.


    Weight 0,5 kg
    Dimensions 31 × 25 × 9 cm

    XS, S, M, L

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