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All our products are handmade in Barcelona.

About us

We are parents who, in 2008, were faced with the diagnosis of a cranial deformity in our baby when he was only two months old. The concern led us to start researching these ailments with the intention of finding out what we had done wrong, how we could correct the problem and, above all, how we could have prevented it. Our surprise was to find ourselves faced with a great lack of information, and we decided to start investigating. The result of our in-depth research on these cranial deformities has been the development of Mimos® products.  The Mimos® Cushion is a cushion inspired by traditional Asian cushions. In this continent, cranial deformities have been known for thousands of years since, according to Chinese tradition, babies should always sleep “on their backs”, one of the known causes of positional cranial deformities. Rice-filled cushions are still used in rural China today. The Mimos® Cushion is the modern and clinically proven version of an ancient tradition. Our goal is to disseminate information about the prevention and correction of positional cranial deformities, provide diagnostic tools to health professionals and support other parents who find themselves in the same situation that we once experienced. We would also like to clarify that we do not position ourselves for or against any particular treatment. Both prevention, such as orthopedic helmets, such as surgery, are solutions to this problem and we have seen this with our children.


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