Mimos – Why Tummy Time?

Why is Tummy Time essential?

Because ..

    • Supervised tummy time helps strengthen your baby’s neck, shoulder, and arm muscles – since the baby needs to use the muscles to hold up the head and control the balance.
    • Tummy time also helps prevent flat spots on the back of your baby’s head – since it relieves the pressure on the head 100%.
    • Tummy time is an important way to help improve a baby’s motor skills and movement – Babies that don’t get enough tummy time might take longer to develop some motor skills.
    • Tummy time sessions can start within a few days of birth, for 3 to 5 minutes, two or three times a day – If you make it a routine from birth, the success rate will increase, and your baby will like it more.
    • Pediatricians recommend that, by about two months of age, babies should be getting at least 15 minutes. Start from the first days of life and increase step by step.



    Tummy time should ALWAYS be practiced while the baby is awake.

Mimos Tummy time tips

How to practice Tummy Time with your baby?

Position 1: On the chest

Start newborns on tummy time by placing them belly-down on your chest for a few minutes at a time, two or three times a day.

Position 2: Eye level position

Get down on the same level as your baby, smile, and encourage them to turn their head.

Position 3: On leg practice

In this position, the baby starts to learn about tummy time. Help with the hand to stabilize. 

Position 4: Tummy time in arms:

Think about using this position to carry from room to room; every minute of Tummy Time makes a difference.

Position 5; Roll over from diaper change:

Make tummy time a part of the daily diaper change

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How to make Tummy time easy and a part of your daily routine


Many parents feel that Tummy Time is a struggle; the baby does not want to spend time on its tummy, but Mimos® Play is a product that facilitates this process and aids in natural development.

Mimos® Play is a product that facilitates the practice of Tummy Time and aids in correcting severe deformities with its adjustable lateral positioning. It consists of 3 pieces to adjust to the baby’s development and age; therefore, babies can use Mimos® Play from the first weeks of life until they can withstand 1 hour of Tummy Time/day without any problems.

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Tarjetas Montessori

Make Tummy Time easy

Make Tummy Time a part of your daily routine


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