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Mimos Infant pillow P for prevention of flat head syndrome for baby with head circumference between 36-46 cm.

It is specially designed to fit into baby car seats, trolleys/carriage/pram and baby chairs. Sometimes it is necessary to use these devices for travelling but very often the factors of hard surfaces, long period of use and restricted mobility are the causes of flat head syndrome. Important is to not use this units more than the recommended time from the health care, max 30 min, even if you use Mimos

Mimos P Size (from 0 to 10 months)

Dimension: 22 (L) x 18(W) x 5,5 (H) cm

Note! Pillow cover is NOT included, pillow can be used with or without Mimos Cover. For easy maintenance and keep the cleanliness of pillow we recommend using the pillow with cover.


Mimos® baby pillow is made of 100% soft and flexible 3D spacer fabric. Spacer fabrics are special textiles that offer designed qualities for pressure relief as well as regulation of heat and moisture.

material pillow mimos

Mimos pillow is only for positional asymmetries

Mimos pillow only helps with positional asymmetries and will not be effective to other cranial diseases like synostosis. Therefore we always recommend to see a physiotherapist if your baby has developed a flathead, to get a treatment plan and locate the cause to the flat head.

Using the mimos Pillow

  • Always place the baby on the back to sleep unless recommended by a qualified doctor, neurosurgeon or physical therapist (for example post-surgery, prolonged immobilization, etc.).
  • The head should be placed centered on the pillow cavity with the narrow part of the pillow under the neck.
  • We recommend turning the pillow over every day to prolong the life and keep it in the best shape.
  • Machine wash in gentle wash program (20 degrees)
  • Use a delicates laundry bag to protect the pillow.
  • Hang to dry, do not tumble dry.