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About us

Who are we?

In 2008, our son was diagnosed with a cranial deformity when he was only two months old. The concern led us to start investigating these diseases with the intention of knowing what we had done wrong, how we could correct the problem and, above all, how we could have prevented it. Our surprise was to find ourselves faced with a great lack of information, so we decided to create INFOCEFALIA (click).
The result of our in-depth research into these cranial deformities has been the development of Mimos® products. The Mimos® Pillow is inspired by traditional Asian pillows. In this continent, cranial deformities have been known for thousands of years as, according to Chinese tradition, babies should always sleep "on their backs", one of the well-known causes of positional cranial deformities. In rural China, rice filled pillows are still used today. The Mimos® Pillow is the modern and clinically proven version of a thousand-year-old tradition.
David Verde (Ingeniero Electrónico)
Yin Chern Law (Bióloga molecular)