Return Policy

Goods Return & Refund policy

All the products that have some defect of manufacture or are damaged by shipping will be replaced by PlagiocephalyFlatHead according to the following:

If the anomalies in the product fulfill the return requirements, PlagiocephalyFlatHead will replace this article for one of the same model or caracteristics.

PlagiocephalyFlatHead will bare the expenses of shipment due to this change. The shipment costs of the damaged product to PlagiocephalyFlatHead will be first paid by the customer and then PlagiocephalyFlatHead will pay the costs back to the customer via a bank transfer once finalized the substitution of the product.

After the reception at our offices of the product to replace, our team will evaluate the reasons for the change. Then if the reason for change is valid, a new product will be shipped immediately.

The change process is somehow slower than the one of the shipment of merchandise, since the product has to arrive at PlagiocephalyFlatHead, be checked up and a new parcel re-sent. Usual delivery times of 2-3 days don't apply. Even so we will do our best to ship it as fast as possible.

Any change of the products that present/display symptoms of the bad use and/or deterioration on the part of the client will not be realised.


Returns in case other than manufacture defect or shipping damage:


-Point 1:

The client assumes the expenses of the shipment and return of the product.

-Point 2:

Because our product is a hygienic article that must conserve intact its properties, and for the good of all our clients, this product will have to be inside its original packaging and this packaging be intact to be accepted. Therefore we will not refund under any circumstance returned articles that are not inside their original packing.

-Point 3:

The client has 15 days from the reception of the order in his address if he wishes to give back it for some reason, considering that once expired the time of 15 days, the client demonstrates that he is satisfied with his purchase, and therefore the returns period will be void.

-Point 4:

In case the product presents shipping damage or defect at the reception by the customer, he will have to indicate it in the delivery note of the shipping company. Shipping damage claims won't not be admitted 24 hours after delivery.

-Point 5:

The client will have to send to PlagiocephalyFlatHead an email or a fax with the reasons for the return and the number of order, enclosing the copy of the transport delivery note.

The refund will be realised by means of bank transfer to the account number provided by the client or by direct Paypal Refund to the means of payment used for the purchase.