1. What is Mimos®?

Mimos® is a specially designed device for the prevention and correction of positional cranial deformities in babies.

Mimos® products are entirely handmade in Barcelona (Spain) under the international quality standard ISO 13485.

3. Why is Mimos® effective?

Thanks to its anatomic design and to the materials used in its production, Mimos® distributes the weight of the baby’s head on a larger area avoiding points of higher pressure, which is the main cause of positional cranial deformities. Moreover, the tridimensional structure of the material allows to achieve a breathable and spongy product that manages to reduce reduce the pressure under the baby’s head up to 4 times, thus contributing to the correct development of the baby’s head.

Several clinical studies have proven its efficacy, which is higher during the first 6 months of age because the skull is specially malleable and delicate during this period. After this time, it becomes more challenging to correct these type of deformities due to the fact that the skull acquires more consistency. However, it is until the age of 16-18 months (when the fontanelles usually close) that it will still be possible to correct them, and more importantly, to prevent them of getting worse.

For this reason, prevention and early attention are revealed as the best way to deal with this condition, alternating the use of Mimos® with other techniques such as the use of baby carriers and Tummy Time, or even in combination with orthotic bands if the case requires it.

6. How do I use Mimos®?

Place the baby in the supine position (face up) and with his head on the central cavity of the pillow.

It is designed to be used when the baby is lying down, either resting or playing, and adapts perfectly to devices such as the crib or moses baskets, being also suitable to use in the stroller or Group 0 devices (Size P).

Under no circumstances should the baby be placed on the stomach (face down) as Mimos® is not designed to be used in this position.

It is important to always follow the instructions for use and care that come with the product in order to achieve maximum efficiency and maintaining its properties.

7. Can my baby sleep on his side when using Mimos®?

No, Mimos® is specially designed to sleep and rest in the supine position (face up) and its effectiveness depends on this. Moreover, experts recommend that babies rest in supine position and that has been the principle followed in the clinical trials. Even so, Mimos® offers total freedom of movement to the baby so that he can turn his head on both sides. Its efficacy has been demonstrated when the baby’s head rest correctly on the pillow and his back is on the mattress (face up).

10. For how long can my baby use Mimos®?

Each Mimos® size is suitable for a specific period of use that is based on the cranial perimeter of the baby. We recommend to move to the upper size before achieving the limit value of the size in use.

Mimos® effectiveness is greater during the first six months of life but it can be effective until the cranial fontanelles close (16-18 months). After this period of time, the baby can keep using the pillow as a complement to rest.

11. My baby is 6 months old and suffers from Plagiocephaly. Can I correct it with Mimos®?

Mimos® relieves and distributes the pressure under the baby’s head while it grows. During the first months of life, the baby’s head grows at a high velocity but the growth rate slows down gradually, which is why the improvement is better when Mimos® is used during the first six months of life. However, until the fontanels close, there is still the possibility of correcting the cranial asymmetry. The extent to which Mimos will be able to correct the deformity will depend on several factors such as the cranial morphology itself, the severity of the asymmetry, the baby’s age and growth rate of the skull, which can vary between babies.

It is important to obtain a treatment plan from a professional (pediatrician, osteopath and/or physiotherapist) which will allow you to follow-up the evolution.

14. What’s the recommendation for pre-owned pillows?

As a medical device, Mimos® use should be individual, which means each baby should have its own Mimos® pillow. It adapts to the form of the baby’s head thanks to the material used in its production. After a period of use its shape could be altered compromising its effectiveness. For this reason, we don’t recommend to use a Mimos® pillow that has been previously used by another baby.

Other factors that should be considered are the storage conditions and care of the product, which could have altered the properties of the product, as well as the hygiene itself.

15. Can I wash Mimos®?

Yes. It can be washed by hand or in the washing machine, always in cold water (max. 20°C) and using a program for delicate clothes. We recommend to use a washing bag and not to mix it with other clothes to protect it from sharp objects. It is easy to wash and dries quickly (not suitable for dryers).

16. What material is Mimos® made of?

Mimos® is made of a cutting-edge fabric 100% polyester. All our suppliers are Oeko-Tex® certified.

17. Are there any flame retardants in Mimos®?

No, since these chemical components could be harmful to babies. Even so, Mimos® complies with the ignitability regulations BS5852 and ISO 12952.

18.Where can I buy Mimos®?

You are in the official Mimos® website, through which we sell our products internationally and directly from our factory placed in Barcelona. However, we also have a network of authorised establishments where you can find them (pharmacies and baby products stores) as well as distributors in multiple countries that offer our products through their websites and retail stores.

You can contact our Customer Service for more information.

2. Why Mimos® is NOT a Pillow

Mimos® has a therapeutic purpose.

Mimos® products are certified Class I Medical Devices and comply with the highest quality and safety European standards applicable to these products. This is why Mimos® is not a regular pillow, although it could be mistaken as one due to its form of use.

4. Is Mimos® a safe product?

Yes. Safety is an essential element and of maximum relevance in the development of our products. For this reason, we have carried out various studies that support its safety.

The certifications obtained are the following:

  • Anti-Suffocation Certification - by TÜV Rheinland
  • Airflow safety Tested - by Bureau Veritas
  • CO2 Rebreathing safe
  • European Safety Certification - EN 71-1 “Safe for children 0-3 years”
  • International Quality Standard for medical devices - ISO 13485
  • Class I Medical Device in accordance with the European Legislation - CE Marking
  • Textile Safety Certification Oeko-Tex® 100 - Free of harmful chemicals “Safe for babies”

5. Can my baby use Mimos® to sleep?

Yes. Mimos® has successfully passed the most exhaustive safety tests and, thanks to its anatomical design, it offers total freedom of movement to the baby so that he can adopt the position that is most comfortable for him to rest.

The recommendations that discourage the use of pillows are based on their shape and especially on the risk of suffocation. Here is where Mimos® stands out and makes a difference regarding to baby pillows, thanks to the safety certifications previously mentioned (point 4).

94% of the total volume of Mimos® is air.

8. When can my baby start using Mimos®?

Mimos® can be used since the birth of the baby. It is available in different sizes in order to suit each growth stage of the baby, even premature babies.

Depending on the age at which it starts being used and the condition of the baby’s skull, Mimos® may have a preventive or a corrective purpose. Even so, it is strongly recommended to use Mimos® during the first six months of life because it is during this period when the baby’s head grows rapidly and the skull is specially malleable, and therefore, more receptive to the effect of Mimos®.

For this reason, better results are achieved during this period.

9. Is Mimos® effective without the cover?

Yes. Clinical studies have been performed with and without cover, and they showed equal efficacy. However, we strongly recommend to use the cover for hygienic reasons since it is a product susceptible to getting dirty (sweat, vomit, etc).

The Mimos® Cover is made of 100% cotton and can be washed by hand or machine in hot water at maximum temperature of 40ºC. Thanks to the use of a cover, the pillow will not have to be washed as frequently and thus, early deterioration of the material will be avoided.

We recommend to use exclusively the Mimos® Cover in order to maintain the breathability property of the pillow, since other covers may be unsafe to use and lead to suffocation. Moreover, it adapts perfectly to the pillow’s shape and size.

12. My baby suffers from Scaphocephaly. Can I use Mimos®?

Mimos® is specially designed to correct Plagiocephaly and Brachycephaly, but has also shown effectiveness against some particular cases of Scaphocephaly.

13. How do I choose the right size for my baby and why is it important?

Mimos® is available in five different sizes. The value that is used to choose the size is the cranial perimeter, always keeping in mind the age of the baby. All sizes allow to obtain the expected pressure relief effect as well as a proper support in the cervical area.

*Size P is the same as size S but without the edges. It is only necessary for some models of strollers where the other sizes don’t fit. Mimos Pillow size P can be used in group 0 devices when they are used as the stroller or while the baby is resting, but it is not approved for use with the car in motion for safety reasons.

ATTENTION. There may be exceptions due to genetics. In case of doubt, please contact our Customer Service for assistance.

A. I’m going to start using Mimos® for the first time. My baby is less than 4 months old and has a cranial perimeter of 41 cm. What size should I use?

Size S. If your baby is less than 4 months old and has a cranial perimeter of 41 cm, the cervical area (neck) may not be sufficiently developed to use an M.

B. I’m going to start using Mimos® for the first time. My baby is more than 4 months old and has a cranial perimeter of 41 cm. What size should I use?

You can start using size M. If your baby is more than 4 months and has a cranial perimeter of 41 cm, then the cervical area (neck) is more developed and you can choose an M, although it will also be within the range of use of size S.

C. My baby has a cranial perimeter of 39 cm, but I prefer to buy an M so he/she can use the pillow longer. Can I do this?

No. It is essential to use the right size at the right time in order to achieve the expected results. Take into account that size S can be used until the baby has a cranial perimeter of 46 cm, which usually happens between 8 and 10 months of age.