Flat head prevention

1. What is positional skull deformity?

  • Deformities in the baby’s head resulting from constant external pressure on the skull.
  • Most of these deformities appear during the baby’s first year, especially in the first 4 months.
  • The positioning of the baby’s head is one of the main reasons for the appearance of these deformities.
Normal head baby


Head baby plagiocephaly




Cabeza bebé con escafocefalia


2. Why we need to prevent

These deformities, both facial and cranial, can create visible aesthetic and self-esteem problems. The flattening of part of the skull can affect other parts of the head and lead to further displacements or deformities in the ears and/or different areas of the face. As well more and more studies shows connection with asymmetries and development delays.

3. Ear shape

Ear shape

4. Developmental delay

If the development delay is caused by the flat head or the reason is lack of tummy time is not 100% clear but in these cases the flathead is an indication that something needs to be changed. Is there a medical reason behind the flathead, like Torticollis, then its very important to treat it, with help from a physiotherapist. If the cause is not medical then it may be a habit that needs to be changes, like always sleeping on the same side etc.

5. Functional deficit

Some studies shows that if the flathead is severe, then it may mildly effect the position of the jawbone, the hearing or the eyesight.

6. Risk groups

  • Torticollis
  • Premature born
  • Hip dyslexia
  • Twins
  • Boys
  • First born
  • Other deceases
  • To mush time in 45 degrees angle
Degrees angle

7. Is this only cosmetic?

It’s a mixed discussion on the market regarding this question. Some studies shows risk of development delays, some may say the flatness will not be shown after the baby gets hair. Severe cases may be showed in the forehead, and if this baby will have complex or have problems later in life is hard to say. To fit a normal helmet for bicycle may be a challenge. So we felt is extremely important to prevent as mush as we can.

Plagiocephaly that is shown in the forehead

A Plagiocephaly that is shown in the forehead

Example when the helmet don't fit

Example when the helmet don’t fit

8. How to prevent?

To prevent a flatness to appear you need to work in more than one thing.

How to prevent

  • Minimize time in car seats and units where the baby is 45 degrees, even if you use Mimos pillow.
  • Do tummy time every day and on a regular basis
  • Use Mimos when the baby is spending time on their back, baby gym, bed, and stroller.
  • Carry your baby, then you relieve all the pressure of the head.

IMPORTANT! Even if you prevent a flathead there is other causes for a flathead, like genetics or very soft head that may cause a flatness anyway. To correct and prevent a flathead is so individual since a soft head can get flat with just 1 h a day in a car seat, meanwhile a harder head will stay round even if he spends 3 h a day in the car seat. Be aware and look at your babys head.

How to prevent
How to prevent
How to prevent