Mimos pilow
positional skull deformities
in babies
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Mimos pillow
Adapts to the shape
and movements of baby's head
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Mimos pillow
Baby gets a better sleep
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Mimos pillow
Recommended by paediatricians
and neurosurgeons
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Like any mother or father, I want the best for my little one, and the Mimos pillow has certainly been that. At the age of 2 months, my little boy’s plagiocephaly started to worsen but thanks to the Mimos pillow the plagiocephaly has been reduced from almost severe to mild. So my advice is, as soon as you see even the slightest change in your little one’s head, buy the Mimos pillow.

MARÍA (Madrid)

Due to a slight congenital torticollis, my son’s skull began to deform one month after he was born. After months of visits to professionals and searching for information, I bought the Mimos pillow and everything changed in just three weeks! His deformity has been reduced to 11 mm, even with the pillow spending virtually all the time in the cot, because he takes it out to play and we have to wait for him to go to sleep to put it in its proper place!

RITA (Badajoz)

The plagiocephaly specialist told me that my baby\'s head deformity was severe enough for him to have to wear a helmet. We started with torticollis rehabilitation, early stimulation and the Mimos pillow; it was very hard, but we saw results at the next control visit. The doctor told me that not only had the deformity stopped advancing, but had actually decreased.

So you see, all our efforts were rewarded. I don\'t let the pillow out of my sight: I care for it like a precious jewel and it goes everywhere with us. My son loves it as much as his blankie.